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We have had ant issues in the house for years, tried two different companies with little to no success getting rid of them. Upon a referral we called Dominion Pest Control and from the initial visit we have had NO ants all! We started to see a few rodents around the yard so our first call was to Dominion, but more importantly, they sent out Malcom to assess the situation. I am confident that Malcom got the job done right the first time. Thanks Malcom.

- Jeff D.

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  • A thorough inspection is the key to removing the cockroaches from your structure. First, we will identify the cockroaches in order to establish the target species and root causes of the infestation.


  • In order to make sure that we address the root of the problem, we are going to be looking for how they might have been introduced into your structure and also for ways to make your structure less attractive to the cockroaches.


  • There are many different techniques for removing cockroaches. Our service includes a combination of baiting, trapping, fertility control and traditional chemical controls. Dominion's pest pro is trained to provide the most child and pet friendly treatment methods available on the market today.


  • Once the initial population is removed, it is time to start thinking ahead to prevent this from happening at your property again.



Common Cockroaches in the Seattle area.

German and Brown Banded cockroaches are the most common we find in our area. They are found hitching a ride on food items that are brought into the kitchen and then all they need is a place to hide and start reproducing. Each female can produce 14-48 new cockroaches with each new egg sac! She can live for 6 months, in other words, each female can produce hundreds of others.


Cockroaches are credited with aggravating and causing allergies and asthma especially in small children. Their fecal matter can be found near their nest sites. They like to hide in small cracks and crevices all over the kitchen or anywhere abundant food and water can be found.


The bottom line here is that before you know it you are infested and you didn't even know that they were there. We understand that you don't want to have to shut down your business, clear out all of your cupboards and all of your belongings in order to have someone come in and spray dangerous poisons everywhere. That is why we have created the most non-invasive and effective treatment program in the business. Coupled with a good sanitation program, our cockroach treatment can't be beat. Give us a call and we'll get you back to a cockroach - free environment in no time.

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