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We have had ant issues in the house for years, tried two different companies with little to no success getting rid of them. Upon a referral we called Dominion Pest Control and from the initial visit we have had NO ants all! We started to see a few rodents around the yard so our first call was to Dominion, but more importantly, they sent out Malcom to assess the situation. I am confident that Malcom got the job done right the first time. Thanks Malcom.

- Jeff D.

Our Guaranteed moisture ANT Pest Removal Process

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  • First and fore most, we will identify the exact type of ant infestation to ensure the appropriate treatment is applied. Next, your Dominion Pest Control will determine what has caused the moisture ants invasion within your structure.


  • Additionally, environmental changes may be recommended to keep ants out of your structure. Moisture Ants are attracted by leaks inside the walls or crawl space, fire wood or plant life.


  • Dominion Pest Control experts provide child and pet friendly treatment methods - the best ones on the market today. Our pro's are experienced. They know how to protect the people and your structure while eliminating moisture ants.


  • Once we have solved the problem, don't be lured into a false sense of security. Moisture ants are prevalent in our local ecosystem and if they found your structure appealing, they will likely be back. Let's make sure this never happens again by maintaining a barrier treatment around your structure.



Moisture Ant Removal


When you hire Dominion Pest Control Services, INC. to remove the Moisture Ants that are invading your structure, your structure is covered with our One Year Guarantee against Moisture Ant infestation. Moisture Ants are considered a Wood Destroying Insect by the state of Washington's Department of Agriculture. While they do not eat dry wood (thankfully), they do affect wood that has become wet. To be more precise, they are actually feeding on the mold that grows on the wet wood (yuk, right?). Either way, the result is the same for our client's structures: damaged wood. So, in order to put a stop to the damage, our licensed team of experienced exterminators will conduct a state approved Wood Destroying Insect Report. This report includes a sketch of your structure and shows in detail where the ants are found, what they are affecting, why they came to that area and, most importantly, how we plan to remove them. Once the source of moisture has been identified on the inspection report, the exterminator will provide you with a copy of the report. There are many different techniques for removal, so once the inspection report is created, the exterminator discuss with you what best suits your situation and commence with the agreed upon treatment method. 


Once the treatment is completed, your structure is Moisture Ant free and the treatments that are used will continue to protect the structure even after the treatment is over! You may also choose to have the guaranteed protection continue for One Year with the Home Protection Plan.

Still reading? Here are some more details that you might be interested in:
Wood Destroying Insect Report - Identifies the ant, location and type of ant activity. Identifies the source of the moisture and any other conducive conditions that are contributing or may contribute to infestation in the future.
Crawl Space Treatment - Our exterminator may fin it necessary to treat all pier posts and the perimeter of the foundation from inside the crawl space. This treatment essentially cuts the ants off from your home by making it impossible for them to come from the ground (their natural habitat) and infest your house - even if you do have a leaking pipe or other conducive condition creating wet wood for them to infest.
Drill Injection Treatment at the infestation site - The exterminator may choose to inject a material into the wall voids in the area of the infestation in order to eliminate the current infestation.
Exterior Perimeter Treatment - This treatment will prevent any ants coming from the outside to get into the house. This treatment also protects your home against all ants including Carpenter Ants!

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